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Mom of 3 (now preteen and teens), spiritually aware parent coach, energy healer and lover of practical magic, mystery and love. I run a business from home, have my kids and husband at home, and also have a dog, a cat and 2 budgies.

From the outside many would think I live in chaos, but over the last 19 years of parenting, I’ve developed a lot of tools and focuses to help  find space to breathe and connect to your whole self - To your spiritual heart.

These have helped keep me present and whole over the years and now I offer them to busy parents through all the work I do.

Available Courses

The Breathing Space for Parents

The Breathing Space is a magical circle for spiritual women, who are juggling lots of balls in the air, but now have the space and tools, to take a breath and put them down for a few minutes at a time, without the fear of something falling apart.

If you feel yourself craving a safe space to be yourself, develop your spiritual life in practical ways, connect with other mamas who are on their own journeys and also pick up some tools to connect with your children on a deeper, more meaningful way, then come visit us. 

Sign up below I look forward to getting to know you better. (Week free trial to be activated.)

Breathing Space features:

  • Sunday Group Meditation and Healing sessions to reset for the week ahead
  • Weekly Focuses and Monthly Themes to help you keep aware of your spiritual journey and self care.
  • Resource Library, with courses, tools and Mp3s (as well as replays to Sunday Sessions)
  • Facebook Community For support and space. This is also where the weekly focuses are shared.
  • Monthly Mentor Classes including:
    Breath work class
  • Divine Feminine Class
  • Moon Ceremonies
  • Monthly Group Coaching Call.

The Chakras For Parents: Diving within the energy system for yourself and your family.

Have you ever wondered about the real meanings of Chakras and how they impact the lives of you and your children? 
Did you know that often little reactions, physical sensations or senses of unsteadiness and lack of focus can derive from blocked chakras?

You are an energy being having a physical experience... and so are your children. When we remember this, and use energetic tools and perspectives throughout our day to day life, we find that we can relieve daily stresses with simple shifts and we understand imbalances in our home with new clarity.

In this class Christina Fletcher gives you the information and tools you need to help you recognize where you are experiencing energy imbalance and how to clear, clean and balance your energy centers... Your Chakras.


(Please note, this class was originally part of the Breathing Space Membership program and is still stored within the member's resource library and available to all members. Members enjoy the benefit of all the courses in the resource library, as well as group sessions and energy clearings with Christina and a Facebook support group all for only $47 a month. For more information please visit here.

Dealing with Tantrums, Tempers and Meltdowns Consciously

We've all been there... the heat in the moment.

Our children flip out, melt down, scream, shout and see red.

It feels helpless and leaves you wondering where you are going wrong.

Or, it fills you with rage and you fall into having a tantrum as well.

In this course I'm focusing in on giving you balance, clarity and connection within that moment and then how to create a lesson of emotional awareness and self knowledge within the temper tantrum itself. We will be doing this through the 7 lessons, which each have a video lesson under 15 minutes and a PDF worksheet attached.

You'll have tools to create a powerful parenting moment where your child will have a deeper sense of knowing themselves and a toolbox for the next time!

Try out a teaser module with the introduction video and first worksheet!

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