Co- Parenting With The Universe

Does this sound familiar?

  • You run around all day only to feel drained out by bedtime 
  • You are tired of feeling like a shell of yourself and yet don’t have time to practice the Self Care everyone says you should. 
  • You are scared that your frayed nerves are affecting your children, because you can’t be the example you want to be for them. What makes it worse, your kids are watching you, and seem to reflect your stress. It can feel like a runaway train you just can’t jump off.
  • You can’t seem to get the results that you hoped Conscious Parenting would provide. Your kids still don’t listen, you still shout and are always on edge.
  • You can’t seem to listen to your inner voice or intuition. You are walking through the motions passed on by your own upbringing and society’s rules.
  • It can be so frustrating to know that practising self care would help you be a better parent, but you know you don’t have time to meditate or do any of the self help tips you’ve read about. In fact, you don’t have time to READ the books in the first place.


You need simple steps to help you develop your inner world, so that you will feel energised, present and prepared so you can be able to show up as the mom you want to be.

Someone who has read all the books, and established the practices so you can learn them in simple, digestible and applicable steps, on the go.

Co-Parenting with the Universe is a program unlike any other. 
Developed by Spiritually Aware Parent Coach and Energy Healer Christina Fletcher the program takes you through video lessons and exercises that will lead you through your own self development through to developing the relationship with you and your child. 
Focused on Mindset, mindfulness and conscious parenting you'll feel satisfied knowing you are doing the inner work you know needs to get done, in short bursts of time (lessons range from 5-15 minutes) and in a steady flow that suits your schedule. 

Can't fit in any more appointments? Don't worry, listen to lessons in the car or while doing the dishes. 

Can't afford the time or cost of a coach? All good. You get support and monthly calls for questions as you work through these tried and true processes Christina uses with her clients.

Within this material you will:

  • Identify your personal belief system so you can live authentically 
  • Learn simple tools to release past trauma as well as those who inflicted it, processes for cord clearing and energy protection as well as inner child work.
  • Identify how the law of attraction works in your life and learnt how to use it for best possible outcomes
  • Establish a Spiritual Tool box for decision making, ritual, meditation, and energy work
  • An understanding of how to see through your child’s perspective, and connect to their spiritual self.
  • Knowledge to identify the motivation and true meaning of their behaviour
  • Simple tools and approaches to common parenting challenges, including sleep challenges, bedtime rituals, shouting, whining, lying and mess
  • The foundation of relationship based parenting established so the creation of a family team effort isn’t far behind.
  • Pass on tools of The Golden rule, Law of Attraction as well as exercises and stories to create strong foundations in spiritual concepts
  • How to create a system of spiritual foundations within your home, providing your children with an understanding of mindfulness and their own self development.

The program includes:

7 Modules of study : with over 50 video lessons with downloadable materials and exercises for you and your children.

A support group for accountability and support 

A monthly group call for questions and clarity taking place on every Second Friday of the Month at 3pm est/8pm bst. STARTING MAY 13th (An email will be sent out before each call enabling you to submit questions etc.)


It's being tried out and having any kinks being worked through while the videos are being recorded.

Therefore, if you sign up now before the 30th of April, you can have access for only $47 a month and be grandfathered in through any price increase after the doors repoen.


This was a $2500 program, why is it now $47 a month?

This program was originally created as an extensive coaching program, but it was soon realised that it felt like a huge commitment. Now it's an "Implementation" program, meaning that you get the tools and steps to take, but the implementation is completely up to you. The monthly call and support group will be there for questions and support rather than prompts and coaching.

Is there a commitment to how long I need to be a member?

No. Within this beta the full program material  is being uploaded over the summer, but you are able to leave at anytime. 

Please note that when the program opens again later in the year the monthly cost will have increased for future members, but you will be "grandfathered in" at $47 a month.

I don't have Facebook, can I still join?

Yes! Absolutely. Plans are in place to move the group chat to Membervault where the rest of the course is stored. We're just waiting for a site update (and to learn how to do it.)

I always sign up for programs and don't do them. What will keep me engaged?

This program is created to offer you a steady stream of tools. The videos are short and provide simple steps or exercises to practice (Many of these are things to do in your mind or while you are doing other things.) It's very integrative work... because spiritual practices need to be, but nothing heavy handed or hard to schedule in. 
As motivation there's also EP points here on Membervault and soon details will be released on how the more you do of the course, the more points you earn, and that can be redeemed for 1;1 with me and other bonuses.

Also, I'd like to note, this isn't a self led course. Rather it's a coaching process, which you move through incrementally. There's a group chat as well so you can connect with other participants and have accountability. 
Don't worry. You'll be held and supported as well as given tools to help you break away from the patterns that keep you where you are.

How will this help me be a better parent?

The tools offered in the program are created to help you feel calm, centred, present and more aligned to your true self. When you practice them and do the inner work you will find you are less triggered and see your child as the person (and spiritual being they are) The last few modules then offer you exercises, perspective shifts and tools to build a relationship of love and connection with your child, showing you how to communicate so they listen and support them in their own development.

These are tried and true methods that I offer to all my clients as well as practised with my own family.

I know what it’s like to be a busy mom and how big ticket offers can feel like too much too fast.

 With this version of the program you get the material and support at 10% of the original cost if you sign up by Wednesday!  You won’t be getting the individual or small group support, but I’ve a lot of experience with holding a group container, so you will still feel held and loved. At the same time you will have a powerful tool box, delivered in an easy to follow, step by step process, so you build a foundation of wholeness and connection for your whole family!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to hit reply as soon as possible and let me know. I don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity and Wednesday will be here before you know it!

9 Modules

The Human Stuff: Conscious parenting tools to deal with behaviour and other challenges.

Spiritually Aware Parenting: Passing on spirituality, mindset and mindfulness to your children so they can be spiritually aware.

Bonus: Energy Basics

Modules for this program 9
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