The Breathing Space

Welcome to the Breathing Space: The only spiritually focused membership program designed to help Too-Busy- To- Meditate women find spiritual connection, surrounded by likeminded community, without judgement of your past or pressure to show up as anything that where you are.

(In fact, you'll find the more real, the more welcome.)

You’re busy. The world is louder than ever before and there seems little time to stop and breathe.

Yet, you can also feeling like there’s a call from deep within your heart to dive deep into…


A spiritual path. An inner calling. A deeper truth.

But you don’t know where to start,

you don’t have time for too much commitment or cash flow to get support from a coach.

At the same time, you don’t want to do it alone.

You need:

  • Some simple tools that you can use to throughout the day that will bring you a sense of ease and purpose, tapping you into your heart centre.
  • Processes that will remind you that things aren’t always what they seem and help you see the magic in every day life.
  • Meditation support and energy healing, so you can start your week feeling grounded, whole and refreshed.
  • Community, so you are continually reminded that you aren’t alone.

Lead by Spiritual Awareness Coach and Energy Healer, Christina Fletcher, you will feel safe, held and supported as she guides you through spiritual development in simple ways you can integrate into your every day.

Christina Fletcher has been a spiritual alignment coach for 7 years, as well as an author, course creator and energy healer. She’s a home schooling mom of 3 teenagers, and married to her soul mate, Jeff. Together, her and her family have worldschooled, travelled, ran businesses and had homesteading adventures, and she’s kept her sanity by practising a spiritual connection with her sense of Divine Source.

Here’s what your Breathing Space membership includes:

Weekly Group Meditation and Energy Healing Sessions with Christina;

Every Sunday Christina meets members live on Zoom at 4pm est/9pm bst, to check in, lead them through a meditation and clear the energy of the group so members feel refreshed and aligned to their best selves.
These sessions start with a simple focus or reflection for spiritual development and are recorded so you can watch the replay when it best suits you. (The energy healing session is imprinted onto the video and will support you whenever you watch it.)


 Thursdays are Office Hour days.

An hour casual visit, from 9am est- 10am est. where anything can be discussed. Pop in with a question or stay the hour. It’s all in flow. Bring your troubles or your joys, non-judgemental support is waiting for you.


There’s the Facebook group.

Here you find support, a space to vent, a space to ask questions and a weekly focus, with daily prompts to keep your mindset on track.


The Membership Treasure Trove

Is a resource library full of courses by Christina on Manifesting, Inner peace, Meditation, and conscious parenting.
You also get free access to her annual Creating an Intentional New Year workshop and workshops offered throughout the year.


 Mentor Classes.

Join fellow members Hollie, Hannah and Ginger as they offer their mentor classes. These monthly classes are focused on Moon ceremonies, Breathwork, and Divine Feminine, are recorded and added to the Member library, and provide you with a deeper knowledge of spirituality and flow. 


The Breathing Space is a buffet of information you can take your pick from, without the pressure or rush to finish something you've started.

It's a space to Be. A space to Shine. A space to connect. and A Space to Breathe.

It’s yours for the taking in the Breathing Space membership program.

Start a 7 day FREE trial here.

14 Modules

Our Weekly Guided Meditation and Group Healing Session and replay

Each week Christina invites members to join her through a live video meeting for a guided meditation and group energy clearing session. As an energy healer, Christina has been trained to intuitively find a client's energy field and clear it via distance healing. In a group, she tunes in to each member's field briefly, clears it and then offers a refueling of love and light, holding space for each member. This is one of members' favorites elements of the program. 

Office Hour

Each Thursday at 9am EST/2pm GMT Christina opens up her office door (our zoom link) for an online coaching session/ (coffee chat). Anything and everything can be discussed. It's a great time for some guidance around challenges or just a light hearted chat with likeminded moms.

Inner Connection Practice Class

You've tried the deep  breathing, you've read the books (or at least they are on your bedside.) 
What if you could find inner, spiritual connection with a simple focus to practice daily? 

Within this short class you'll be taught a simple tool to help you drop into heart focus and spiritual connection... 

to have access to your inner being during the busiest time of day.

This is a simple phase, but within this class you will develop a deeper meaning so you can create the energetic shift to tune into your spiritual energy each and every day quickly and easily. 
Feel free to follow along in the workbook and use the "phone prompt" to create a new habit of connection each time you look at your phone. 

Breathwork Sessions with Hannah

Join mentor Hannah Wraight as she leads you through a monthly session of Breathwork.

Hannah is a meditation teacher, breathwork facilitator, and reiki master based in the UK. For more information about her work, please visit

Chakra Class For Parents

Have you ever wanted to learn more about energy work and how to use it everyday within yourself and your children? 
In this class Christina dives into each Chakra, the energy centers of your body. Giving you clear, practical tools to help you find balance and presence for your whole family, every day.

From Frantic to Connection (a recorded workshop)

The scattered space of family chaos can have us feeling pulled in every direction. 
In this 2 hour workshop, Christina offers you tools to find centre, release pressure, shift perspective from stress and connect to your child in a deep, essential way. 

The Grounded Family Recordings and Mp3s

f you are a parent, doing your best to survive during 2020, this twisted road of a year has been an interesting one to navigate!It’s time to let your entire home ring out with a grounded sense of renewal.

Get ready to receive expert advice so you can have:
*Practical tools for conscious and connected parenting,
*Increased flow of positivity and empowerment
*Understanding on how mindfulness and mindset affect how you show up with your kids. 
*Practical Steps so you can consciously create a home that resonates as stable, secure and happy.

Understanding Energy and using Frequency

Diving into healing work and how to work with energy.

Yoga Class- A Guest class

I'm so excited to be able to offer Breathing Space Members this yoga class by Siobhan Keely from Sky Yoga Training, based out of Vancouver BC. 

Modules for this program 14

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