The Breathing Space for Parents

The Breathing Space for Parents

Motherhood is the biggest spiritual shift in your life.

It’s about learning to live with all the sides of your truth.

It’s about recognizing that there are many dimensions to you outside of ‘Mom.

It’s about acknowledgement and exploration.

Motherhood is about becoming intuitively guided so you can feel great about yourself and the way you raise your kids.

Welcome to The Breathing Space

An online membership for Moms, like you, ready to explore all sides, all dimensions, and Mother effectively feeling proud and grounded as you do. 

Are you ready to feel more secure as a Mom? 

Are you looking for a space to grow intuitively while enhancing relationships around you?

Are you ready to find your tribe of Women eager to raise spiritually aware kids?

It all begins with your membership in The Breathing Space.

Here's What You Get:

  • Weekly live and pre-recorded meditations and healings
  • Resource Library with access to parenting courses so you can create more calm in your environment
  • Weekly group Coaching so you can enhance your role as a Mother
  • Private Facebook Community where you can be open, honest, and your unapologetic self
  • Weekly focus and directives to accelerate spiritual growth
  • Access to workshops on chakras for parents, crystal healing, and Raising Spiritual Kids

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Who Am I? 

I'm Christina Fletcher. I'm a Spiritually Aware Parent coach, Energy Healer and the proud owner of Having been a busy homeschooling mom of 3, facing challenges of bankruptcy and self sufficiency,  as well as having my first 2 girls 10 months apart, there were so many days in the early years of my parenting that felt isolated. I knew spiritual living, but not in the chaos. I craved Magic and community, which is exactly the seed that grew to the work I do now.

Hence, the Breathing Space is my dream space, which I craved and needed so badly back then.

The role of Mother is one of becoming.

It’s about tapping into your intuitive nature.

It’s about serving your family in the way that feels best to you.

It’s about being your unapologetic self.

Get support

Receive Guidance

And let your intuition light your way

Join The Breathing Space today

16 Modules

Our Weekly Guided Meditation and Group Healing Session and replay

Each week Christina invites members to join her through a live video meeting for a guided meditation and group energy clearing session. As an energy healer, Christina has been trained to intuitively find a client's energy field and clear it via distance healing. In a group, she tunes in to each member's field briefly, clears it and then offers a refueling of love and light, holding space for each member. This is one of members' favorites elements of the program. 

Manifestation Workshop- April 2021

The Grounded Family Recordings and Mp3s

f you are a parent, doing your best to survive during 2020, this twisted road of a year has been an interesting one to navigate!It’s time to let your entire home ring out with a grounded sense of renewal.

Get ready to receive expert advice so you can have:
*Practical tools for conscious and connected parenting,
*Increased flow of positivity and empowerment
*Understanding on how mindfulness and mindset affect how you show up with your kids. 
*Practical Steps so you can consciously create a home that resonates as stable, secure and happy.

Dealing with Tantrums, Tempers and Meltdown

We've all been there... the heat in the moment.

Our children flip out, melt down, scream, shout and see red.

It feels helpless and leaves you wondering where you are going wrong.

Chakra Class For Parents

Have you ever wanted to learn more about energy work and how to use it everyday within yourself and your children? 
In this class Christina dives into each Chakra, the energy centers of your body. Giving you clear, practical tools to help you find balance and presence for your whole family, every day.

Unleash your Manifesting Magic- February's Focus

Essential Oils- A guest teacher class

Your guest Teacher Andrea Raimondo Warren is offering you a step to step guide to essential oils. Through clear images and simple breakdowns, Andrea is here to clear out the mystery and give you practical steps to using these magical resources in the everyday life of you and your kids.

Andrea is over in the Facebook Group, so feel free to come over and ask her any questions.

From Frantic to Connection (a recorded workshop)

The scattered space of family chaos can have us feeling pulled in every direction. 
In this 2 hour workshop, Christina offers you tools to find centre, release pressure, shift perspective from stress and connect to your child in a deep, essential way. 

Inner Connection Practice Class

You've tried the deep  breathing, you've read the books (or at least they are on your bedside.) 
What if you could find inner, spiritual connection with a simple focus to practice daily? 

Within this short class you'll be taught a simple tool to help you drop into heart focus and spiritual connection... 

to have access to your inner being during the busiest time of day.

This is a simple phase, but within this class you will develop a deeper meaning so you can create the energetic shift to tune into your spiritual energy each and every day quickly and easily. 
Feel free to follow along in the workbook and use the "phone prompt" to create a new habit of connection each time you look at your phone. 

Living Inside Out Summer Focus

Living Inside Out is the shift from Head Focus (logic, have-tos and often stressful rushing) to Heart Center (Presence, connection, in-flow and spiritually aligned) 
Over the summer Christina is leading members through a weekly focus, each one releasing a different layer to their core selves. From outside pressures, to inner mind chatter, to past patterns, she'll be giving simple focus, which takes minimal time to dive within and connect to Who You Really Are. 

Manifesting Joyful Parenting

The Law of Attraction is really not just about visualizing the life of your dreams. Rather, it is a universal tool that is continually activated in your life. Bad days, stressful moments, or times of fun and ease are all part of this universal force that reflects back what we put in. In this workshop, Christina breaks down the truth behind LOA and how to use it to manifest joyful parenting experiences. 

Yoga Class- A Guest class

I'm so excited to be able to offer Breathing Space Members this yoga class by Siobhan Keely from Sky Yoga Training, based out of Vancouver BC. 

Basics in Crystals

Introduction to Crystals

Coaching Hour

During the uncertain times of the Coronavirus, Global Quarantine and lockdowns, balance is of the utmost importance. Therefore, Christina will be offering an hour (possibly more) time in a zoom link for group coaching and discussion.

Please check in at the Facebook Group or PM Christina for each week's time slot and availability. 

Modules for this course 16
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