The Chakras For Parents: Diving within the energy system for yourself and your family.

Have you ever wondered about the real meanings of Chakras and how they impact the lives of you and your children? 
Did you know that often little reactions, physical sensations or senses of unsteadiness and lack of focus can derive from blocked chakras?

You are an energy being having a physical experience. In this class Christina Fletcher gives you the information and tools you need to help you recognize where you are experiencing energy imbalance and how to clear, clean and balance your energy centers... Your Chakras.

In this class, Christina Fletcher will take you through each of the 7 major chakras, covering:

A deep understanding of each energy centre, what it represents, what it supports and where it sits.

Imbalances of the chakra center so you can recognize imbalances in both you and your child.

Physical steps you can take to find balance, such as yoga poses, food choices, crystals and essential oils.

Mental/spiritual processes to find balances, such as meditations, mindful practices, focuses and mental exercises.

As well as exercises for your children and a coloring page of the energy center.

Each class is approximately an hour, with a exercise workbook to follow along with. Within the workbook you'll find extra notes and perspectives so you can organically absorb the material, enabling you to use it daily. 

(Please note, this class was originally part of the Breathing Space Membership program and is still stored within the member's resource library and available to all members. Members enjoy the benefit of all the courses in the resource library, as well as group sessions and energy clearings with Christina and a Facebook support group all for only $35 a month. For more information please visit here.

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The Chakra Energy System For Parents

Have you ever wanted to learn more about energy work and how to use it everyday within yourself and your children? 
In this class Christina dives into each Chakra, the energy centers of your body. Giving you clear, practical tools to help you find balance and presence for your whole family, every day.

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