Dealing with Tantrums, Tempers and Meltdowns Consciously

Dealing with Tantrums, Tempers and Meltdowns Consciously

We've all been there... the heat in the moment.

Our children flip out, melt down, scream, shout and see red.

It feels helpless and leaves you wondering where you are going wrong.

Or, it fills you with rage and you fall into having a tantrum as well.

In this course I will be offering you tools to help you find yourself, your centre and connection with your child during a meltdown moment.

Through the 7 lessons, with videos under 15 minutes each, and PDF exercises, we'll be charting a course to get you through the eye of the storm and into a place where your child will not only be calm and centred, but also have a deeper understanding of what they can do when a storm strikes again.

You'll have tools to create a powerful parenting moment where your child will have a deeper sense of knowing themselves and a toolbox for the next time!

Try out a teaser module with the introduction video and first worksheet!

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As parents, nothing can throw us more off balance than a full blown tantrum. So, in this short course I'm going to be giving you some practical tools to help you "Deal with them", redirect the energy and find balance again for you and your kids. 
In this introduction I'll explain how we're basically going to do that... and also make sure you download your first PDF to prepare your path. 

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