Manifesting Joyful Parenting (and everything else.): a recorded workshop on the Law of Attraction

The law of Attraction is more than manifesting that dream car or enough money to retire in luxury. 
The law of attraction is working with you and through you every moment of every day. It can be found working behind every traffic jam, every stressful morning as well as within every synchronized meeting and perfectly timed interaction. 
Just like gravity it's not pre-mediated and it doesn't matter whether you believe in it or not for it to work. 
Rather, when you know about it, you start to see patterns in your lives, in your focus, feeling space and deep beliefs which alter everything for you and your children for the better. 
Give yourself the self development tool of awareness and see how you can manifest joyful parenting and joyful living in your life.

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Manifesting Joyful Parenting; a recorded workshop

The Law of Attraction has been a point of discussion ever since the film The Secret... 
But manifestation is so much more than just getting that dream car.

The Law of Attraction is working with us all the time, just like the law of gravity. We are always attracting experiences into our lives and so are our children. 

You parenting experience is always responding to the law of attraction as well and in this workshop Christina breaks down in simple terms... 
What the law of attraction really is.

- How to create a positive "attraction point."

- How to shift from attracting what you don't want.

- How to use this force within your parenting and..

- How to pass it on to your children. (A workbook for your children from Christina's course Spiritual Kids is also included in this package) 

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